Friday, October 29, 2010

Damn you Morgan Spurlock!

I can't believe it has been over a year since I've posted. A lot has happened since then, a lot of bad, and tons of good. Most importantly, I became a new mommy to a beautiful baby girl, Tabitha. So many things have changed for me. My frugal life has been turned upside down, and it's all your fault Morgan Spurlock.

A few years ago, a show aired weekly called 30 Days, where Morgan Spurlock (director) and other volunteers spent thirty days in the shoes of someone else, sometimes their complete opposite. My husband and I would watch together, me taking the PETA activist's side while he took the game hunter's side, me the commune hippie, him the city dweller. You get the idea.
A free trial for Netflix came up, and since the last 5 months I've been posted up in the house, waiting for the depths-of-Texas-hell-heat to die down, I figured I could use some moooovies. 30 days had been running episodes on Planet Green and I thought to myself that I had never seen Super Size Me (if you've never seen it, there's no time like the present.) I think, when it came out, I was afraid to watch it. Like most Americans, I am afraid of the truth. Ignorance is bliss let me tell ya. So there I was, baby in my arms watching a harmless documentary about fast food.

Damn you Morgan Spurlock! Because of your movie I no longer eat most fast food. Because of you I question every advertisement, every company, every school lunch program. A chain reaction began of documentaries, books, articles, research and a world turned upside down. Because of you I no longer "take their word for it." By the way, thanks Morgan.

Here is my current life in a nutshell: I've realized that things we hold to be truths are no such thing, and we are lied to so much we might as well be friggin North Korea. Having a baby has made me want a better life, a cleaner more sustainable life, on a budget, with a Texan husband who thinks Cinnamon Toast Crunch 'made with whole grains' is healthy food. Watch me squirm!

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