Saturday, November 1, 2008

After-Holiday Deals

You have probably heard this time and again, but the best time to buy any seasonal item is right after the season itself is over. Today I stopped by CVS and found all of the Halloween AND Fall merchandise 50% off. We still have one whole month of "fall" left! I bought these two ceramic pumpkins for $2.99 total:

I thought these were great because I can use them anywhere for the whole month of October and November! All of the candy was also on sale, but I decided to get some pretzels for $1.90 instead. Other stores like Michael's, WalMart, and grocery stores clearance out their seasonal merchandise right away as well. It is worth checking out for next year's bounty. I am on the hunt for extremely reduced craft pumpkins!


Joy said...

I love those pumpkins too! I'm running out in a bit to run an errand that will take me right by my CVS. As an employee (non-retail) I get a 20% discount too...I hope I can find these in my store!

Sid Koudis said...

What I would do for that discount...hehe