Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Frugal Camping

This past weekend we went camping at Riverside Park in Bay City, Texas. This place is near my mother's house so it is a nice place for all of us to meet up and enjoy some time. It costs $18 a night for full hookups, so we usually have someone's RV and a couple of tents. When you divide the price by everyone it is quite cheap, and cheaper than a hotel! Now mind you that our normal way of camping is not exactly "roughing it"! Here are a few pics of the place and some frugal camping tips to go along with them.

- Stay away from ice in the coolers. Everything will be soggy by the end of your trip. Invest in some ice packs instead.
- Omelets in a bag - put all omelet ingredients into a Ziploc bag. Remove air and seal. Place in a pot of boiling water until package floats to the top. (thanks Mom)
- Cook canned foods directly on the grill. Open the lid slightly and you have a little oven in there!
-Use what nature gave you: wood for fire and roasting marshmallow, rivers and lakes for washing clothes, and fish for eating!
- Bring dishes and silverware that you can reuse. Keep down the waste by not using paper products.
- Invest in a decent-sized tent. Not only will you have room for your family but also for the rest of your belongings in case it rains. Our tent has enough room for us and a table in case we have to spend more time in there.
- Aluminum foil! You can cook on it, or in it, or wrap potatoes in it, or deflect the sun with it! Bring it!

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