Monday, January 5, 2009

Switching to Less Pay?!?

Today was my hubby's first day in the police academy. This is the first time that he has been home everyday in the four years that we have been together. It is taking some adjusting to our new found lifestyle, and it made me think about the pros and cons of his old job versus his new job, which is a list that we made before he decided to take it. Before the academy, it was the oilfield. Anyone who knows about that area understands me when I say that it is rough on the body, mind, and relationship. I don't want to lecture anyone on their career and family choices, but this is how we see it:

1. He will be home every day. We will get to see each other, eat dinner together, lean on each other, and stop our marriage over the cell phone! He can go back to college and get on a normal schedule. He won't have to miss big things like birthdays, first steps, and first day of kindergarten.

2. Even though the overall pay is less, he won't have to spend money for travel, doctor's appointments for work-related injuries, and extra wear on the car.

3. Within 14 months, he will be making more than he was at his previous job. In the grand scheme of things, 14 months is not long of a sacrifice to make.

4. This job has a better benefits package.

5. This job does not lay people off!

6. And the point that I am most excited and most nervous about: sometimes you have to get dragged through the mud together and come out on the other side to see what you two are capable of. I think that in the end we will be stronger and have more love for doing it TOGETHER.

So that's my little rant and justification. Keep your fingers crossed!


Elizabeth said...

fingers are crossed for you guys! I can't imagine going through not being together like that. You're one tough cookie!

Sid Koudis said...

Thanks for your best wishes! We are gonna need them!