Monday, January 5, 2009

10 Guilty Pleasures

I took this idea from Denise over at Sunflowers, Chocolate, and Little Boys, who claims she took the idea from someone else also. If it weren't for "copying", no good ideas would ever get spread around would they?
My 10 Guilty Pleasures
1. Ice can make any day better and you can always find a new flavor
2. Books...especially Harry Potter, Nicholas Sparks, and now Stephenie Meyer; I can get lost for hours and deny myself sleep over books
3. Frugality...I have to say that I am addicted to finding ways to save; the internet and library have becomes my drugs of choice when it comes to researching tips and recipes
4. Twister, Day After Tomorrow, Juno, and Superbad...movies that I HAVE TO WATCH if they are on, even though I can repeat them verbatim
5. favorite tracks can take me back to the time when I first heard them; I have found that the only way to "choose my feelings" is to put on certain music
6. My husband...this doesn't mean that he is 6th in my life, but no matter how crazy he makes me I always can't wait til he gets home to make me a little crazier
7. Crafts...I love to collect odds and ends and write down all kinds of crazy projects ideas in a huge notebook, then when I'm bored I pick one out!
8. Meteorology...I have wanted to be a research meteorologist since I was a little girl, and after applying to OU 3 times and getting turned down, I left that professional dream behind; I might be a quitter with that, but it doesn't stop me from running outside at the slightest hint of rain
9. Animals...We have found that going to the animal shelter when you're bored always ends up in a kitten or puppy that was just too cute and needy-looking to pass up
10. Babies...most people say that when I have my own they won't seem so awesome to me, but I highly doubt it

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